Installer un serveur PLEX sous Debian / OpenMediavault

Openmediavault propose un plugin Plex mais malheureusement la version est assez ancienne donc dans cet article nous allons voir comment installer un serveur PLEX sur un serveur Openmediavault. Ce serveur vous permettra de partager vos médias et les rendre accessible depuis Internet.

Néophyte en Linux, aucun problème, l’installation de PMS  ( Plex Media Server ) est très facile et ne nécessite aucune connaissance particulière seulement 5 minutes devant soit ! D’un autre côté si vous avez installé Openmediavault c’est que, à priori, vous avez des notions en Linux 😉 READ MORE

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Vmware tools sous Debian 6

The first thing you need to do is add the ‘contrib’ archive to your apt sources config:

Add the ‘contrib’ to the end of these source lines. I use the repository, so mine look like this on a new install:

After you save changes to the file, simply update your package list and perform the install:

You might see an error that looks like this:

Don’t worry, this is because we have not installed the kernel modules for some of the more advanced VMware functions like the vmhgfs file system, Memory Balloon (vmmemctl) Driver, and vmsync, which helps freeze the VM while taking snapshots.
To install these kernel modules, we’re going to use module-assistant. It will compile the modules for your kernel:

The ‘-i’ puts module assistant into non-interactive mode. It wont ask you to confirm any additional package installs necesarry to set up the build environment.
If you’re running a server without a Graphical environment, you’re finished. If you want features such as automatically adjusting the VM’s monitor resolution or allowing your mouse to seamlessly move between your host system and the VM, you need to install one more package:

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